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Hello, we are CG Psychology and we’re Chartered Clinical Psychologists offering confidential assessment and therapy services to the island of Jersey.

We work individually to provide assessment, formulation and therapy for a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties with adults and adolescents.

As experienced Clinical Psychologists we tailor intervention to each individual’s unique circumstances by first developing an individualised psychological understanding of their difficulties.  We can also offer return to work assessments, court and compensation reports and other wider work-related interventions.

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Our Services Include


Including obsessional and compulsive traits, social and/or specific phobia work. Anxiety is a normal experience but at times it can get in the way of our goals and affect our daily lives, causing us distress. At these times it is helpful to have support to make sense of our feelings and learn how to cope with and manage anxiety.

Post-Traumatic Stress reactions (in extreme cases called PTSD)

Trauma reactions can occur following a stressful or scary event where people felt threatened. Someone experiencing a trauma reaction may have flashbacks of the event or nightmares, feel on edge and isolated. Often times these experiences can resolve over time (about 3 months) but if they continue psychological therapy can help individuals address these symptoms.

Birth Trauma and post-natal issues (such as depression and/or anxiety)

A difficult birth can lead to symptoms of trauma: flashbacks, a sense of heightened anxiety, constantly feeling on the alert, avoiding anything that reminds you of the experience. Anxiety and/or depression can also occur following the birth of a child. Transient anxiety or low mood is common in new parenthood. However, at times it can cause ongoing issues and significantly impact day to day functioning. Addressing these issues through therapy can improve your quality of life and overall experience of parenthood with your new baby.

Exploratory personal therapy

At times difficulties in the present can have unclear links to past experiences. These links can be helpfully returned to through exploratory therapy; the therapist can offer space and time for clients to consider their own agenda now, and how this might relate to earlier unmet need.

Depression and Low Mood

It is normal to feel low and down sometimes, especially after difficult life events. However, sometimes low mood can linger and cause people difficulties in their life. Depression or low mood can show itself through lots of ways including: loss of interest and enjoyment in activities and interests, loss of motivation, feeling overwhelmed or hopelessness.


Bereavement and adjustment to loss, including loss of role or position.


Anger is a normal and helpful emotion, but it can also be problematic. Psychologists can help people to recognise triggers to their anger and teach techniques that may help manage anger more appropriately.

Recurrent relationship or interpersonal difficulties

Interpersonal difficulties can take many forms, including when people feel as though they are not listened to, that they are prone to being bullied or they cannot assert themselves or feel that they are constantly being taken advantage of. These difficulties can however also be about a difficulty in noticing other’s needs, feeling withdrawn, exploitative of others or struggling for empathy towards loved ones.

Child Sexual Abuse

Childhood experiences of adverse life events, such as verbal, physical and sexual abuse and neglect can lead to the development of long lasting and hard to shift patterns of relating to others and ourselves. These may include problematic coping strategies such excessive alcohol or drug use, striving or pleasing behaviours in relationships, and/or self-injurious behaviour.

Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can be a real and debilitating difficulty for many people. Low self-esteem can be used to refer to the ideas people can have about themselves, others and the world which are unnecessarily negative and/or harsh. Psychologists can help people notice their thoughts and feeling about themselves and develop challenges to these in order to come to more balanced and helpful conclusions about themselves.

Occupational and Acute Stress

Adults and adolescents often suffer from stress related to their work or commitments. At times this can lead to a level of pressure that feels too much and can leave people feeling overwhelmed, dissatisfied and stressed. These feelings can be related to here and now work pressures (such as excessive workload, difficult working environments, bullying at work etc) but can also be related to longer term patterns of relating to themselves and others.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision can be offered to training or qualified counsellors, therapists or Clinical Psychologists.

About Us

CG psychology is psychology practice located on Jersey in the Channel Islands with over 15 years of experience.

We use a range of evidence-based approaches, including:

  • Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Schema Therapy
  • Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT)
  • Mentalisation Based Treatment (MBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR).


Frequently Asked Questions

Appointments are available on different days during the week. We also have some limited availability for evening sessions. Please contact us for more information.
Details of fees can be given on request.
You can telephone us on +44 (0)7700 359 345. If we are unable to answer the phone please leave a brief message and a contact number. Alternatively, you can email us if you prefer and we will call you back to make arrangements and discuss your needs.
We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you have to cancel an appointment then please contact us on +44 (0)7700 359 345 and leave a message. If you let us have at least 24 hours’ notice we will not charge you for the appointment.
In the initial appointment we will talk about what has brought you to therapy, what your goals are and what might be getting in the way of them, your personal history and therapeutic approaches which will work for you. We will also discuss the therapeutic agreement in terms of frequency of appointments, expectations of both parties and payment methods. If the method of payment is through private health insurance it will be expected that the authorisation code will be available during this session.
Appointments for assessment and psychological therapy last 50 minutes, this is known as the ‘therapeutic hour’. However, certain stages of EMDR therapy may require longer appointments (90 minutes) to be most efficient. We try to be as flexible as possible for our clients and some people prefer longer appointments, which can be negotiated on request.
The number of sessions are agreed depending on each person’s individual needs and goals. It is common to have between 6 and 25 sessions but it is agreed on an individual basis. We will review progress on a regular basis and this will include a discussion about the number of sessions. If you change your mind at any time, you are free to cancel any agreed sessions.

Our Psychologists

Dr John Cartmell

BSc (Hons), MSc, D.Clin.Psychol., C.Psychol.
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Dr Hannah Gough

BSc (Hons), D.Clin.Psychol., C.Psychol.
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